Text 23 Dec 1,849 notes One of my favorite moments in Infinite’s Ranking King


MC: L’s mom has seven sons. Her son’s names are Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, and Indigo. Whats the name of her last son?

Hoya : Purple

Woohyun : Purple

Sungyeol : Hoya

Sungjong : Purple Jr.

Omg yes!!!

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You guys need to understand that Infinite won the MAMA 2013 for a reason. They are not some group that beat EXO. No. They debuted in 2010 with barely any hope of becoming successful. When they first debuted everyone told them they wouldn’t make it into the music industry but Infinite didn’t listen. Instead they tried harder and moved on, practicing more than 18 hours a day until they thought they were good enough. And even when they were already good enough, they strived for more, overworking themselves to the point of exhaustion and pain. Their CEO sold his house for them, putting all his trust and effort for them, because he believed in Infinite.

They won their first music award on M!Countdown on September 1, 2011 with ‘Be Mine’. They were so shocked and didn’t know they would win, completely bawling their eyes out when they were announced the winner. They were crying so bad that they couldn’t even sing during their encore stage. Infinite even managed to beat Super Junior with ‘Paradise’, a follow-up song, and were shocked to hear they beat their seniors especially with a song that isn’t their title song. They were the first group to win Music Core after the program abolished its chart ranking system in 2006 and even when the program screwed up and mistakenly announced K. Will as the winner, they weren’t sure if they should accept the trophy, because they knew K. Will is a much better artist and that he deserved it as well. Infinite never thought of winning on these music shows with their music, always thinking of impressing the fans and simply making music. Every time they were announced winner for the songs they promote, no matter if they knew they were nominated, they would always be surprised with the result. If they didn’t win, they’ll be the ones apologizing to fans for not winning. It isn’t their fault if they don’t win, yet they always apologize. No matter how tired they are they’ll always work harder and take care of others before themselves. They spent their rest time packing lunch for their fans instead and told them to care for their health when they’re the ones who should take care of their own as well.



Despite still not being popular enough, they still went on. They reached a peak in their popularity, yes, but they wanted more. They didn’t want fame, but love. They managed to have a world tour after debuting 3 years later, something they have always wanted.  They were told they wouldn’t make it but here they are now. When Infinite was nominated for the MAMA, inspirits voted but knew they couldn’t stand a chance against the other artists out there because they weren’t part of the “Big Three” companies (YG, SM, and JYP). Yet they still hoped. While having their world tour, Infinite took time away from their rest  and busy schedules to attend the MAMA without having any idea they would win, because they couldn’t stand a chance anyway right? However they were announced ‘Best Male Group of the Year’ beating several talented artists out there. Why? Because they deserved it. Not only did they win best artist, but they also won the ‘Sony Worldwide Performer’, two fucking awards in one night. For all three years that they have been nominated, despite being a popular global artist, they have never won any awards from MAMA until now. 

Now, this isn’t about being popular. Winning doesn’t mean you have to and must be popular to obtain anything. One has to try and work for it. Achievement comes from working hard and time. I’m not saying any other artist doesn’t deserve whatever award they couldn’t get but Infinite didn’t just win for no reason. They won for their hard work over these years. 

This isn’t the ‘Best new artist’ or anything now. EXO isn’t considered a new artist anymore, they’re up against tons of other artists that have been in the music industry much longer than they have so no one should be surprised that they didn’t win. They aren’t entitled to win every award out there just because they are the most popular. There are other people who have achieved just as much as EXO so these artists should be given the chance to win something at least once in their life too.

For all those people who say Infinite can do well without one or more other members are wrong. This group functions as 7 and only 7 so don’t go telling other people that someone doesn’t deserve to be in the group or isn’t necessary because everyone is important and needed. They all have their own talents. Sure, one of them may not sing or dance as well as the other but they have other qualities that make them who they are and that’s what the group needs, diversity and unity. Because that’s what Infinite is, 99.9% synchronization and a united group that always strives for perfection for eternity.


Im so touched while reading this sobs remember when i stan ‘em back then? Weeps PRECIOUS TIME

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Nam Woohyun, Infinite’s resident bully. Jang Dongwoo, his #1 target.

omg so sweet 

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Text 27 Aug 14 notes Running Man Idol special

2PM Chansung and Wooyoung,
B2ST’s Doojoon and Kikwang,
SISTAR’s Hyorin and Dasom,
INFINITE’s L and Sunggyu, 
A Pink’s Na Eun and Eunji, 
Girl’s Day’s Minah and Sojin and 
MBLAQ’s Lee Joon and Seungho 

will be teaming up with each member from ‘Running Man’ for the Idol(Chuseok)special!

OMG! Its Girls Day and A Pink! Merging in one broadcast episode! Duh! I hear screaming sounds from EXO’s dorm…….

Text 15 Jul 37 notes Kpop MV release

15th july:EXO MV
16th july: infinite’s mv
17th july: bap’s mv
18th july: kim hyun joong’s mv
19/20 july: beast’s mv

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